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Biologically, our eyelashes serve the important sole physiological function of shielding and protecting our delicate eyes from a barrage of airborne dust and debris. 

Obviously, your Russian Volume Lashes are now going to take on the brunt of this front-line defense role and will, therefore, will need a little extra attention every so often to keep them, and you, looking their humanly best. 

While Russian Volume Lash aftercare is very different to classic, or elementary 1:1 Lash Extension after care, it still extreemly simple and doesn’t really require an exceptional amount of extra care or fussing. 

The following enclosed Volume-specific care instructions represent the gold-standard in Russian Volume Lash care and, if followed correctly, will help best protect your Volume Lash investment – meaning smaller Lash Maintenance appointments less often. 

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// critical Data

1 // The better you take care of them the less time you will have to spend having them filled.

2 // Wash your lashes daily.

3 // NEVER wear mascara in your Russian Volume Lashes. It WILL destroy them and make them unfillable.

4 // Repeated exposure to heat, steam, saunas and hot tubs etc will reduce the longevity of your lash extensions.

5 // Gently pat your eyes instead of rubbing them.

6 // Avoid brushing your lashes while they are wet.

7 // Treat yourself to a quality Silk Pillowcase – it will do wonders for your skin and hair too.

8 // Try to have a clean lash wand at hand to brush your lashes as needed/required.

9 // Oil-based face creams/moisturizers/serums will drastically reduce the life of your lash extension bonds – especially if used right before bedtime and/or in your eye socket area.

10 // Sweat contains mobilized body oils. Be sure to properly cleanse your lashes when showering after your workout.

11 // After cleansing, you can blowdry your lashes from chest height on cool/low.

12 // Don’t wait until your lashes look sparse to book your next lash maintenance appointment.

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Let’s go over some more detailed aftercare RECOMMENDATIONS to get the most out of your fabulous, new, Alchemy SUite Russian Volume Lashes

Wash your lash extensions every day in the shower with a professional lash safe cleanser – starting today/tonight. This will wash away any cosmetic and/or environmental debris that will settle on your lashes throughout the day and dramatically reduce the possible occurrence of allergies and/or sensitivities in the future. 

When showering, do not directly blast your Lashes with a high powered shower stream, being particularly careful when rinsing out your Lash Cleanser as excessive turbulence may painfully/prematurely dislodge some of your extensions. 

Avoid over-brushing your lashes when they are wet. Gently pat your lashes dry with a lint-free makeup removal cloth/towel before lightly brushing them to allow them to finish air-drying. 

General Gel, Liquid, and Waxy/Waterproof eye-liners are usually bad news for your lash extensions and regular formulations may cause clumping on your lash bases and lead to premature shedding if not applied + removed accurately.

Alchemy Suite stocks Australian-made Fox Cosmetics Black Magic Felt Tip Eyeliner which is designed to be worn with all types of Lash Extensions and has been formulated for long, budge-proof wear, with a lean, highly-pigmented quick-dry finish with a longer precision felt-tip for easy applications.

A black pressed pigment or eyeshadow can also be easily applied to the eye line above your lashes with a damp angle brush to enhance the look of your Russian Volume extensions- giving a beautifully subtle smokey eyeliner effect that’s easy to remove at the end of the day with your lash cleanser.

Never wear any mascara in your Volume Lashes – it WILL destroy them. It will instantly deflate your delicately fluffy volume lashes while also preventing you from ever properly removing all traces of the cosmetic from your lashes – despite how thorough or careful you think you are. Besides being simultaneously unsightly and woefully unhygienic; the mascara residue will also prevent proper attachment of the extensions at your next fill, resulting in premature shedding of your newly filled extensions.

Despite this, you may become tempted by even the *lightest* application at some point.

Trust me. Don’t let yourself be persuaded.


Humans can enhance their lower lashes with good quality, non-waterproof oil-free mascara. The oils and liquid waxes present on your lower lashes will migrate throughout the day as you blink and begin to prematurely dissolve your lash bonds. 

Oil based face creams, moisturizers and serums will drastically reduce the life of your lash extension bonds – especially if used inside your eye socket.

The best protocol for using oil-based night creams while wearing lash extensions is to apply your creams directly many hours before bed to allow the maximum absorption time possible to prevent as much pillow transfer as possible.

A sleep mask is also a great tool to help protect your lashes from product pillow transfer. There are many styles on the market from light silk slip masks right through to specialty padded lash masks for restless sleepers.

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// OCULAR protection systems

// NATURAL lash SHEDding

As disappointing as it is when you see your extensions start to shed, it is important to know this is a normal part of your eyelashes biological growth cycle.

Humans, on average, naturally shed approximately 3-5 biological eyelashes a day, with or without extensions, and most humans will completely replace their entire lash line every 60-90 days. 

// biology Vs PSYCHOLOGY

This subtle shedding process has been continuously underway – mostly unnoticed your entire life; but, obviously, once an extension is attached to your biological donor lash, when they do naturally shed you will clearly become more aware of your lash growth cycles.

It is important to remember, as long as no pain or irritation is associated with your lash shedding process you can be assured your lash shed rate is completely natural and by the time your biological lash actually detaches from your eyelid, your body has already began to grow a new, healthy eyelash in its place – ready to be lashed at your next fill. 

// scan + investigate

In fact, despite what you may first automatically assume, you actually want to see your extensions shedding with the biological donor lash still attached at the base of the extension.

This means your extension has reached its full life-cycle potential.

An easy time to do this is by checking your lashwash brush at night after cleansing.

If the majority of your extensions are shedding unattached to a biological lash, it means your adhesive bond is failing and releasing the extensions from the donor lash – either due to chemical and/or mechanical factors. 

Chemical and mechanical adhesive failures are usually something that can be easily diagnosed and solved with a little investigation.

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5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Ignition

// getting ready for your return orbit

Arriving on time with clean and healthy lashes free of cosmetic/environmental build up will not only drastically increase the longevity of your lash fill; it will also significantly increase the number of actual extensions able to applied in your chosen appointment duration.

We recommend all Humans wear their glasses to their lash appointment if they normally wear contacts. Contact lenses must be removed prior all to Lash services. If you are an experienced contact wearer, your contacts can be easily reinserted after treatment.

Please be sure to bring your Contact Lens Basins with you if required. Sterile Contact Lens fluid will be provided for you.

Please arrive at your fill appointment wearing minimal eye makeup with no eyeliner build-up in your lash line. 

Alchemy Suite’s Lash Maintenance appointments are charged pro-rata – rewarding those who care for their lashes.

With Alchemy Suite you are completely unrestricted to book your lash fills for when you need them, as you need them – depending on your own individual lash growth cycles, aftercare commitment and social calendar.

Quantitatively, most Humans wearing Medium Volume Lashes with adequate aftercare commitments usually require 60 minutes of scheduled maintenance every 2.5 to 3 weeks. 

We understand Human lives can get unexpectedly busy at short notice. As such, we only require 12 hours notice to reschedule any Alchemy Suite appointment online without penalty.

Humans rescheduling or cancelling within 12 hours of their booking are considered a ‘Late Cancellation’ and will incur a 25% Rebooking Fee before being able to make their next Alchemy Suite appointment.

Humans rescheduling or cancelling within 2 hours of their booking are be considered a ‘Delinquent Cancellation’ and incur a 50% Rebooking Fee before being able to make their next Alchemy Suite appointment.

Alchemy Suite is strictly by appointment only and your selected appointment has a finite duration. Appointments are serviced and charged as per your booking – even if humans find themselves running late and/or under-booked at their lash fills. 

All No Shows incur a 100% Rebooking Fee before being able to make their next Alchemy Suite appointment.

Remember to consider your predicted lash needs when making your future appointments. If you have had longer than usual between maintenance appointments or have experienced increased shedding this cycle, you may need to book a larger fill than normal or come in earlier than predicted.

Don’t book the fill your lashes need now, book for what they will need.


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